OEE is a not-for-profit organization formed in 2002 to provide a forum for a broad spectrum of Oklahoma energy industry participants who are closely affiliated with the oil and gas industry. This statewide oil and gas group meet four times a year, in an informal after-hours business networking format.
This is a great way to establish new contacts with our honored guests, members, and colleagues in the oil and gas industry.

Since our founding we have honored over 60 companies industry wide.

Devon EnergyOctober 10, 2002Mr. Larry Nichols
Chesapeake EnergyJanuary 23, 2003Mr. Aubrey McClendon
Unit CorporationApril 3, 2003Mr. John Nikkel
Continental ResourcesMay 15, 2003Mr. Harold Hamm
Dominion E&POctober 2, 2003Mr. Duane Radtke
The GHK CompanyNovember 13, 2003Mr Bob May
Samson ResourcesJanuary 22, 2004Mr. David Adams
Ward PetroleumMarch 4, 2004Mr. Bill Ward
XTO EnergySeptember 30, 2004Mr. Bob Simpson
Crawley PetroleumNovember 18, 2004Mr. Jim Crawley
Enogex Inc. January 20, 2005Mr. Pete Delaney
St. Mary Land & ExplorationMarch 3, 2005Mr. Mark Hellerstein
EOG ResourcesSeptember 29, 2005Mr. Mark Pappa
Cimarex EnergyNovember 10, 2005Mr. F. H. "Mick" Merelli
Kerr-McGeeJanuary 19, 2006Mr. Luke Corbett
Mack EnergyMarch 2, 2006Mr. Tom McCasland
Newfield ExplorationSeptember 28, 2006Mr. David Trice
Duncan OilNovember 9, 2006Mr. Walt Duncan IV
Baker HughesJanuary 18, 2007Mr. Chad Deaton
Helmerich & PayneMarch 29, 2007Mr. Hans Helmerich
BJ ServicesSeptember 27, 2007Mr. Bill Stewart
The Williams CompaniesNovember 8, 2007Mr. Ralph Hill
JMA Energy CompanyJanuary 17, 2008Mr. Jeffrey McDougal
Chaparral EnergyMarch 27, 2008Mr. Mark Fisher
Halliburton, Inc.October 2, 2008Mr. David Lesar
Petrohawk EnergyNovember 6, 2008Mr. Floyd Wilson
Kirkpatrick Oil CompanyJanuary 22, 2009Mr. Mike Steele
Questar E&PMarch 26, 2009Mr. Charles Stanley
BPOctober 1, 2009Mr. Bryant Chapman
SandRidge EnergyNovember 5, 2009Mr. Tom Ward
SchlumbergerMarch 25, 2010Mr. Andrew Gould
Linn EnergySeptember 23, 2010Mr. Mark Ellis
Nabor DrillingNovember 11, 2010Mr. Joe Hudson
Conoco PhillipsMarch 31, 2011Mr. Greg Garland
GMX ResourcesOctober 4, 2011Mr. Ken Kenworthy, Jr.
Range ResourcesNovember 17, 2011Mr. John Pinkerton
Mewbourne Oil CompanyJanuary 19, 2012Ken Waits
HighMount E&P March 29, 2012Steve Hinchman
Devon EnergyOctober 4, 2012John Richels
ApacheNovember 15, 2012Rob Johnston
Superior EnergyJanuary 17, 2013Dave Dunlap
RKI ExplorationMarch 28, 2013Ronnie Irani
WPX EnergySeptember 26, 2013Ralph Hill
Access MidstreamNovember 14, 2013Mike Stice
GulfportJanuary 16, 2014Jim Palm
KimrayMarch 27, 2014Tom Hill
Chesapeake EnergyOctober 2, 2014Doug Lawler
LE Norman OperationNovember 13, 2014David Le Norman
Samson ResourcesJanuary 15, 2015Randy Limbacher
Baker HughesMarch 26, 2015Martin Craighead
Continental ResourcesOctober 1, 2015Harold Hamm
XTO EnergyNovember 15, 2015Ken Kirby
GE Oil and GasJanuary 14, 2016Lorrenzo Simonelli
Seventy Seven EnergyMarch 31, 2016Jerry Winchester
Newfield ExplorationOctober 13, 2016Lee Boothby
MarathonNovember 11, 2016Lee Tillman
HalliburtonJanuary 12, 2017Jeff Miller
EnableMarch 30, 2017Rod Sailor
GulfportOctober 5, 2017Michael Moore
EnCapNovember 9, 2017Gary Petersen
BP Lower 48 OnshoreJanuary 11, 2018David Lawler
Tapstone EnergyMarch 29, 2018Steve Dixon
Devon EnergyOctober 11, 2018David Hager
Helmerich & PayneNovember 15, 2018John Lindsay
WPX EnergyJanuary 24, 2019Rick Muncrief
Schlumberger March 28, 2019 Paal Kibsgaard